Get ready for your job interview


You will learn

This application was created by an experienced HR team to help you overcome stress and remain convincing when it comes to typical HR questions. If no matter how many interviews you have attended you still are not sure how to answer them, download the FREE application and get ready for your next interview.

What you get

11 questions

Explore 11 the most common questions that recruiters all around the world ask. The questions come with tips for anwers and all you need to do is to sweep through the screen to choose the right answer

Pro tips

Each of 11 interviewing areas is ended by a brief tip explaining how the answers could be perceived by an interviewer and how to increase your chances to succeed

Play & Win

Collect points for correct answers and get free gifts such as our valuable e-books to help you explore the mastery of a successful interviewing and career planning in a simple and entertaining way

Smart questions

Stand out of a crowd and ask the questions, which will show your genuine interest and help you decide for the right company


Supports Android platform 4.x and higher



Supports iOS platform 9.2 and higher


For companies and freelancers

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